Tuesday, April 28, 2009

when love is in the air

today is a beautiful day,like those days i had a long time ago,
i thought it would never happen again but yes,we never know what ALLAH will give us,rite??
and that's it,today is the day that put a smile on my lips..today is the day that let my tears of happiness rolled down my cheeks..today is the day where i really really know how high the value of fwenship is..and today is the day which made me realized myself that i cant carry on with my journey without them..guys,ALLAH knows how much i adored you,thanx 4 da sweetest fwenship u give me,i appreciate that 4 da rest of my life,insyaAllah..distance still cant separate us,aite?carve this in ur heart,aku sayang kamu semua,ada paham???

ps:anis n eyda,thnx 4 those sweet things..nisah,dun 4get yours aa..haha

when love is in the air,i cant stop smiling and crying..
they know why..

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