Monday, May 28, 2012

fading away

Assalamualaikum wbt.
selawat dan salam buat Rasulullah SAW...

last POM lecture.
deep in heart. sadness is there.

last advices from Dr. Segaran. a full of motivation lecturer.
"share not cheat your students.
keep on moving. do not let the hard things stop you.
be patient."

now its time to think about the future.
a year to go in this stage insyaAllah.
life is full with choices.
its hard when we only can choose one from those choices.
i got many options.they are :

1) further in Master of MBA or MSc
2) further Master full time
3) further Master part time along with working. the thing here is where to work?
4) where to go for Master.still here or somewhere around the world?
5) not doing Master but looking back for the chance of being a teacher?
6) just stop in this stage?
7) just let it flow the way it has to be without worrying much?

this semester will going to end soon.
the time passing. they also will be leaving soon.
them,who taught me many things under His will.

it doesnt matter how much i adore, how much i love
it doesnt even matter how much i want them to be with me for forever
because one day they still will be leaving.
sooner or later.everything will fade away.

i dont know where time will lead me to.
i dont know what will happen tomorrow,next year,next next years.
what i know.this is what we call life.this is what we need to work for.
i dont mind how would it long as it will lead me to Him.
doesnt matter how hard it might long as i have His love.

just keep on moving.
dont worry much,dear.
Allah be with us,aminn...

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