Friday, October 30, 2015

what is me


It's been a while.
since the last time I'm writing here.

how time flies.
hard to breathe lately.

the time where i have to make a choose.
at last, it arrives.

and I'm still. still and still.
still don't know what is the best.

I'm a kind of person who will absorb on doing something.

when it comes to study, I found my passion in that.
I found me myself in research, journals and articles.
then I will firmly confident that I'm going to choose study instead of working.

but when it comes to work, I found my life in that.
reality.where everything is real.I learnt much.
where I'm buying experiences and knowledge while meeting other people.
right now I don't even want to think if I'm resigning.
what am going to do if I choose to stop.
then I will firmly confident again.that I will not abandon my work.

but Allah has giving me to experience both at the same time for a year already.
and now.I have to choose.

and at the end. I still need to choose.

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