Sunday, August 27, 2017


salam buat Rasulullah SAW..

Such a great story and I finished it within three days. 
My heart felt heavy and it took me quite some time to get over it. 
That Little Fearless whom real name was Hero 
- a little girl character that leaves a huge mark in my empty heart. 
A tiny creature that seemed breakable outside but made up of hard steel inside 
- the fact that she tasted the bitterness of tears in every single corner of her life had stunned me.
 I even wondered how could she had that strength 
with each challenging and actions she took 
which could ended her life right away. 
And every inch of the pages, every part of it, 
they stung my eyes, 
inviting for unending tears.

Five stars. A great art.

"Always be brave. Always be yourself."

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