Friday, May 8, 2009

before today begins to fade..

before tonight's stars stop winking to me
before tomorrow's sun takes the moon away
before tomorrow's blue sky catch my sight again
before I leave this town for a while
before I leave my family and cats themselves
before I have to built the stairs to the sky
before I have to gain all strength to realize their dreams & mine
before I must put a first step in that new strange place
before I have to put aside all fears
before I should say "jumpa lagi" to all of you,my sweet clique
before I have to say goodbye to my high-school-life
before I have to give them that farewell hug
before I really have to let them go without me
and before I need to shed the tears myself all alone,
this gonna b the last post from me at my dar~annur
(opss! post y last before i leave for Perlis la.nanti kalo balik cuti,update dr rumah jgk oo..)

:: may Allah bless and now,should i say...jumpa lagi?? =(
maybe the next entry will be come from bumi Arau??ngeee..
oh hoo..hati saya sedang bersedih!!

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