Monday, June 15, 2009

my tears or the rain's tears???

yes,they damn right..
i juz realize dat this life wouldnt be called as beautiful
if we're juz keep laughing and laughing
without the tears come down
here i am,on the top of Mesia
i thought i was strong enough
but im definitely wrong
im not that strong
seeing my buddies with their laughter,
they actually killing me inside
i miss my old life
i miss my family damn much
i miss my old buddies
thanx ALLAH for giving me them in my life
believe it or not,
they keep asking me how am i doing here
everyday and night,please bless them Ya Allah..
but,whether i want or not,
this is the decision i take
and i wont ever regret about it
i know,its not juz me,they oso..still have to do the same..
whatever it is,i know i have them
i know ALLAH will guide me as long as i can be patient on this,insyaAllah..
and praise be to ALLAH because He oso send me the kind and satu kepala buddies to me,alhamdulillah..
* abah,mak,mak nah,kakak,abg nie...ALLAH know how i miss u!!
thanx 4 everything..
kak,gewd luck 4 ur new phase of life being a student again,
i know u can do it..
n kak, i miss to bercerita 2 u like we did b4,i miss that time..
cmon gurls! cheer up!!!

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