Thursday, April 9, 2009

the stars wink to me

huhu..what a relief! ALLAH knows how is my feeling rite now.yes,sumtimes ALLAH help us through gerak hati,instinct..aite?so now,no more kerut2 dahi to think about that bcoz i've oredi made my decision n i believe dat will be da best choice after all. best for me,best for all..insyaAllah there would be other chance for me,like i wish before,amin3..but,i did think about dat again n again although im sure my decision would never change.hello,cik brain! can u rip dat thing off from my head??huhu,ok..full stop! no more thought bout dat!! thank you ALLAH!! ok guys,let us comtemplate & be grateful to all what ALLAH giving us~ *wink*

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