Friday, February 22, 2013

them and theirs

Assalamualaikum.selawat dan salam buat Rasulullah SAW.

its been a while.since the last entry.

the clock is ticking.running over me and them.

alhamdulillah.Allah still gives me the chance. be good and nice in His way.

last.the last semester.about four months to go.
when the time comes,i will leave all these things behind.
put them back in their places.without worrying too much anymore.

the people i have known,will remain as they are in my heart.
the memories i have craved here,will be kept as the beautiful one.

semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya.
semoga Allah luruskan niat.
semoga mampu menjadi dia yang rendah hatinya.
yang dicintai Allah SWT.aku dan kamu semua,in sya Allah.

Subhanallah,Tuhan telah berkati wanita yang cukup ilmu,rendah hati.

rendah hati.

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