Sunday, March 22, 2009

from me to u~4 annurianz 07 & imranianz fiver 08

I look at the sky
It looks back at me
I’m getting a silent melody
I know that I’m here
In the end I have lost
Alone and confusion by the breeze
Hiding my face, crying alone
I need to find my way back home
Back to the place
The wonderful days
Living the life I used to know
For every smile was born out of the love and our sincerity
And every tear from all the glowing joy
Cause I don’t wanna be alone
Living life for on my own
I don’t wanna live my life in isolation
Filled with empty decorations
Cause I wanna be with people that I know
Who would do the things I do
Making all my dreams come true
I don’t recognize the shadows at my door
Though I’ve seen them all before
Because the thing I really want…is to be with guys~

* i knoe those wonderful days that we had 2gether wont happen again another time..but,can u guys keep them in ur mind,in ur heart,please?coz i will do da same,our beautiful memories never ending,aite?may Allah bless us,amin3..ol da best 4 da rest of our journey~

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