Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the smile in rainy days

byknya munge dia dpt!! but d one at d centre is very special,ye kak?

congratulationz to my sis for her convocation the very last Sunday.
thanx for those inspirational moments during the fiesta.
her success that put a smile at our faces had give me a strength to be more successful another time insyaAllah because i oso wanna put a smile at my beloveds' faces the next next year,amin3.although it was rain,it still a sweet memory for us..hujan itu satu rahmat kan?and i love rainy days too!

kakak aku yg konvo,aku pun dpt?eheh..tp bkn ni satu je tau,ad lg satu tp xamik gmbo plak,aisey..

suatu petang di Kuala Perlis

langit UUM,Sintok..=)

a~la peaceful melody,lalala..abg aku je tader,huhu

captured from phentian titi wangsa

so beautiful,didnt it?oh yes!!it's Allah punya creature,Subhanallah..oso from phentian titi wangsa..smile to the sky,huh?=)

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